on the move

Cinego Shorts is a global digital platform, initiated in 2021 with the sole purpose of bringing forth the art of independent cinema and visual arts worldwide. This will eventually foster a community of artists and storytellers, coming together to intrigue the world with their inspiring stories.

This digital platform will feature screening sessions of thematic events, filmmakers and artists interviews to cultivate knowledge and appreciation of visual arts globally.



In this digital era, everything is on our fingertips - whether it's a TV show, news or films, we have the advantage of watching it on the move, wherever, whenever. Exacting this concept to Cinego Shorts, we have brought a global digital platform near you where you get access to independent short films from around the globe. Not only this, the platform also provides an opportunity for you to submit your story.


Cinego Shorts is committed to promote visual arts, not only through this platform but also taking the content forward to film distributors and festivals.

feature your film

We encourage all the Independent Filmmakers to submit their films and get it featured on our website, either linked through the creator’s own source exhibition site i.e. Vimeo or YouTube or a separate film submission to help the creator with an increase in reach for the global audience.


Cinego Shorts will have no Copyright claim on the submissions, and the films will remain the sole property of its owner.


In case of any query, reach us out at cinegoshorts@gmail.com

academic screening

Showing films or documentaries to engage students can be an effective learning experience for them. Academic institutions should identify the visual medium as an alternative to text based learning. Hence, films or documentaries should be taken as a complementing medium to reinforce and expand students’ learning experience. Even though many academic institutions have realized the effectiveness of the medium, due to the limited resources and quality materials, institutions are not able to capitalize on this interactive mode of learning. In this context, Cinego as a resource institution would like to invite interested institutions to contact us for screening of films and documentaries in their institution followed by a discussion session with students.



Founder & Executive Director

Dubai - Karachi

Kamran has been working in Pakistan and UAE for more than 15 years. He specializes in directing and producing high end integrated digital films and digital content, including 2D and 3D animations.


Kamran is passionate about what he does, and is known for realising unique visions to life. One such example is bringing Gandhara Independent Film Festival to life. His motto has always been a focus on quality ideation, unbridled creativity and exemplary execution.

Vivian J. Xavier

Co Founder & Producer

Toronto, Ontario

Vivian Xavier is a Toronto based cinematographer/Producer and cinema enthusiast who believes that exposure to better cinema allows one to tell better stories. He is the recipient of two international scholarships to study film; the Fulbirght to study film production at Florida State University in 2011 as well as a full scholarship to study Creative Producing at Busan Asian Film School in 2019. In 2017 he was chosen to attend the Asian Film Academy on a fellowship by the Busan film Commission.

Mina Cruz

Community Executive

Bulacan, Philippines

Mina Cruz is an actor and filmmaker from Bulacan, Philippines. She worked as a production designer for various films including Sigfried Barros-Sanchez’s Ang Mga Kidnaper ni Ronnie Lazaro, Phil Giordano’s Supot, Ethan Page’s Black Superman and for the mainstream director Tony Reyes’ fantasy-comedy Enteng Kabisote 4. In 2011 she worked as producer and art director on David Griggs’ Cowboy Country, which was a 10- day production in a remote village in Bicol. She also supervised the film’s post production stage before it was sent to Australia. She also producing, writing and directing her own film projects. In 2017 she was a panelist at The Singapore’s Writer Festival for Nang 3: The Fiction Issue, publication dedicated to Asian cinema. In 2018, she was a panelist for S.E.A. of Sadness, a program curated by Gertjan Zhuilof for Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival (TIDF). In 2020, she created The Distant Play Project, a site created to give actors a platform to perform, and to showcase short films depicting the plight of Filipinos during the Covid-19 community quarantines. The Distant Play also provided a modular workshop for beginning actors.